Rugged Resilience Measure


Using the RRM

The RRM is a versatile measure of internal resilience that can typically be completed in under 5 minutes. It has been tested with individuals aged 16+, but may also be suitable for younger ages.

It may be combined with other measures such as the CYRM/ARM to give a more holistic appraisal of an individual’s resilience.

Scoring the RRM

All items are positively worded, meaning that scores can be summed for all items to produce an overall rugged resilience score. For more information about scoring and interpretation, please see the manual which accompanies the measure.

Psychometric properties

The study by Jefferies, Vanstone, & Ungar (2022) determined that the RRM has good content validity (face validity and construct validity), criterion validity (concurrent, convergent, and discriminant validity), and incremental validity.

The same study also determined the internal reliability of the measure to be:
Cronbach’s alpha (α) = .87.
McDonald’s omega (ωh) = .83.

Studies that have used the RRM

If you would like details of your study shared on our website, please see the manual for required information.