Rugged Resilience Measure

Frequently Asked Questions

No permission is required nor given for the use of the measure for activities like research or teaching.

For commercial purposes, please see the manual.

The measure is free to use for not-for-profit purposes.

For commercial uses, please see the manual.

Anyone can use the measure provided they have read the accompanying manual carefully.

Typically less than 5 minutes, if administered in the participant’s native language and if the participant does not have literacy/comprehension difficulties.

Sum the responses to gain an overall resilience score. See the section in the manual on scoring for more information.

No, only an overall scale is recommended. However, each item measures a distinct rugged quality, which may be analysed individually.

Please see the manual for cut-offs/thresholds.

We encourage translations. Please check the manual for further guidance on this and be sure to send us your translation.

We do not recommend substantial modifications to the measure, such as adding or removing items, lest they compromise the integrity of the measure.

At present, the measure is only available in a few languages. You are welcome to translate the measure, and if you do, please send us a copy so we can share this with others. We recommend any translations undergo back-translation to ensure accuracy. See the section in the manual for further information.

We developed the measure with participants that were aged 16-29 and it has since been used with individuals aged 20-65. We therefore recommend that it is generally suitable for youth/adolescents and older. It may be suitable for younger individuals, but this has not yet been tested.

We understand that not everyone has the time or skills to clean, explore, and analyse the data they collect. We offer a service for the management of your data. This can involve just particular tasks (e.g., data cleaning, just particular analyses, etc) or a comprehensive data analysis, leading to a finalised report of findings and recommendations. To get in touch with us for more information, please fill out the form on this page.

Our staff are committed to offering tools and services for research and evaluation. Although the measure will always be available to researchers at no cost, we are no longer able to offer consultation for free. Due to the high volume of requests, any further help will be offered for a fee in order to recover the cost of staff time. To have our staff consult on one of your projects, please fill out the form on this page.